Bad Variable exception, when using an ActiveX on WinForm as a seperate Thread.

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Thread: Bad Variable exception, when using an ActiveX on WinForm as a seperate Thread.

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    Bad Variable exception, when using an ActiveX on WinForm as a seperate Thread.


    I have typical problem which i am trying for past 4 days. I am newbie to .NET world.
    I have a ocx component which i have to use in C#. So i hosted it on a winform and can use it without problems.

    How ever if i make this Winform as a seperate thread and use the same interface which is worked in above case(Winform as not a seperate thread) it is giving BAD VARIABLE TYPE exception.

    I have used BeginInvoke and delegate method in MainThread to start execution of the member function in WinForm thread. And in Debug->Threads window i can see thread switch happened without any problems. How ever when we call the interface it throws the exception.

    I tried to debug the ActiveX code. It fails in ForwardCalltoInvoke... method. I dont understand why it is ailing in second case, as i pass same variable type in both the cases.

    Any help would do great for me.


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    Hi Some More info on the problem.

    The ComInterface is Method(LPDISPATCH x).

    In C# we use
    The Object x is actually creadted from some other vc++DLL SO IT IS ALSO UNMANAGED TYPE.
    sO WHEN IT IS CREATED .net represents it as System.__ComObject and while using the above method it is unable to convert from System.__ComObject to LPDISPATCH.

    I tried marshal.getiDistpachPointer for explicit marshalling, but it doesnt work.

    But if everything is executed in MainThread then it is working fine.
    Any clues?

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