LSW IL-Obfuscator mangles class-names, field-names, method-names,
properties, namespaces and events of an MSIL Program, making it more
difficult to reverse engineer IL-Code.

LSW IL-Obfuscator 1.1 can be downloaded from

More Info:

The unregistered version obfuscates max 42 names ( 7 from each
name-category ).

**** Features of Version 1.1 :

* Makes application size smaller 5-15%
* Includes GUI and command line interface
* Batch obfuscation
* Naming strategies
* random option, pattern and numbers, letters and numbers

* Supports duplicate names at different categories
For example one class may store now field x0 and method x0. Some IDE's
including MS VS.Net doesn't support such naming
* Obfuscation of special names
* Shuffling of structure items
* Saved names list to prevent obfuscation of some names
* Automatic detection of mresources
no need to add now those names into saved list.