Shazzle is a new paradigm for sharing information on the internet. The browser, email clients, and instant messaging are a staple for the modern computer user. Shazzle aims to be the next “must-have” internet enabler. Shazzle is looking to build a team of highly-driven, experienced, and creative professionals capable of changing the face of computing.

Currently, Shazzle is seeking software engineers with experience in peer-to-peer communications and highly distributed systems.
The idea candidate has:

- Expert level understanding of distributed systems

- Experience with Peer to Peer concepts

- Hands on experience with JXTA or other Java P2P framework (e.g., Limewire)

- Experience benchmarking and performance tuning widely distributed systems.

- Understanding of DNS and Distributed Hash Table algorithms

- Experience with Chat and Presence development a plus

- Expert level data modeling (relational, XML, object)

- Understanding of download optimization techniques (eg, BitTorrent)

- Demonstrated availability to work in small, fast paced, geographically disparate team environment.

If you are a Java developer with the skills discussed above, and you want to change the way the average consumer uses the internet – take the first step. Contact Shazzle.

Jason Mazur
Chief Marketing Office