STL map ( no unique element )

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Thread: STL map ( no unique element )

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    Exclamation STL map ( no unique element )

    Hi there,

    Are there any experts out there ?

    I know STL map only allow unique key but how about its element ?
    I want the element to be unique too. Is there an easy way to do it ?

    I can compare every element in the map and make sure it's unique but i am posting here for a better way.

    eg grade_list["john"] = 'A';

    The 'A' is the element and i want it to be unique for all element in the map. There's a reason for what i am doing.

    I don't want to create additional set structure.

    Please help.


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    Either you can write a wrapper or try some customized STL (i guess few are available as part of ACE)

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    It seems like i have to compare every element in the map.

    so is this efficient enough ?

    for(iter = mymap.begin(); iter != mymap.end(); iter++)
            cout << endl;
            for(iter1 = mymap.begin(); iter1 != mymap.end(); iter1++)
            	if(*iter != *iter1)
            		// if two elements are equal, then print out "Equal"
            		cout << " iter: " << iter->second << " iter1: " << iter1->second << endl;
    If not, please suggest a better solution.


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    I would use a different approach: instead of storing the name as the key, use the grade as the associated value (what you call "the element"). Alternatively, use the unique(), remove_if() etc. algorithms to ensure uniqueness of the map's elements.
    Danny Kalev

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