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    Deploying ASP.NET 2003 project on windows server


    I need to deploy a very small ASP.NET 2003 Application on windows server, on which ASP.NET 2005 was installed. I dont have physical access to that server. Our university administrator has created an account for me on that machine. And gave me the complete URL were, I can install my application.

    So, is it possible to install my ASP.NET 2003 application from my laptop to that given complete server URL using copy project or XCOPY method?.

    Since, my application is in ASP.NET 2003, But server supports ASP.NET 2005 will it be automatically compatible that is, will VS.NET 2005 makes necessary changes to application developed in 2003?



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    If you don't have access to the physical location on the server then you will probably have to use the Copy Project option. Of course this assumes that the administrator has configured the app correctly under IIS.

    HOW TO: Deploy an ASP.NET Web Application Using the Copy Project Feature in Visual Studio .NET

    ASP.NET 2003 applications are compiled under the 1.1 version of the .NET Framework. If 1.1 is not installed then the CLR should load the next highest version for your app (which would be 2.0 in this instance).
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