I have a web page viz. ShowQueries.aspx.There is a Gridview that displays queries in 1st col. Then the 2nd col is a hyperlinkfield col. Its name is "Post".
For posing reply for that particular row's query.When user clicks "Post"
hyperlink then a new page open "Postreply.aspx"I have one textbox on ShowQueries.aspx, which contain the userid.
I want to access This textbox'svalue in my next page. But as the form is not postbacked, i'm not able to access
its value using request object. Then i cannot pass thru querystring also.Because i don't know which field to set in rowdatabound event for hyperlinkfield for adding querystring dynamically.
Even sessions are not working. I tried using PreviousPage object, but
If i try to write a javascript function in Postreply.aspx to submit previous form, that is also
not possible, as i don't have any instance of my preivours page on client side.
Please help me if possible. Waiting for your reply.
Thanking you in anticipation.