Moving to vs2005 - development vs production

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Thread: Moving to vs2005 - development vs production

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    Moving to vs2005 - development vs production

    My XP Pro crashed, and I had to fall back to xp home, so I no longer have IIS.
    I'm thinking that I might as well move to vs2005, which doesn't require IIS. I could also get xp pro, or move to Vista.

    I'm also considering moving from MSDE to sqlnet2005 express on my development machine.

    But I'm concerned about the changes that will have to be made to the production server, which currently has FW1.1, IIS, and MSDE.

    I know I'll have to have them add FW2.0, but can the IIS/MSDE stay the same? What implications does that have to my deployment process?


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    I would probably move to VS2005, but stay with MSDE on my local dev box. If you install ASP.NET 2.0 on the server, your code should deploy fine. SQL 2005 on your dev box will probably work with MSDE on the server, but why tempt fate with unnecessary changes? ;-)
    Phil Weber

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