We are pleased to announce that Ver3.2 of JUDE/Professional & JUDE/Community JUDE have been released!

Now you can draw Entity-Relationship Diagrams with JUDE!

What JUDE/Professional 3.2 supports for ER diagram :
- Switchable Notations (IDEF1X and IE)
- Entity categories ("Resource", "Event", "Summary")
- Hierarchical Domains
- Convert between logical name and physical name
- Generation of SQL scripts... and more!

New features of JUDE/Professional 3.2 except for ER Diagrams :
- [Automatic Return message mode] button in Sequence Diagram
- Easy replace of the starting point of messages in Sequence Diagram
- Splitting a topic to a new Mind Map*
- More API release (Activity and Sequence Diagrams)

See the Product information here.

Get a Free Evaluation License for JUDE/Professional here.

*Recently JUDE was honored to win the Bestselling Product Award 2006 and Bestselling Publisher Award 2006 by the ComponentSource!*

Try the advanced version of JUDE/Professional, ver 3.2!
Also JUDE/Community is an edition that anyone can use for free.

Enjoy & Thank you.


JUDE Development Team
Change Vision, Inc.