Dear all,

i am confronted with following problem 1 ) where to post my question and 2 ) the question itself
1)in and using an acces database is this the plce to post?
2) i have an acces database which actually a sort of "book keeping"programm

1 master table with the description of the product and 2 child tables one table for the adding to stock and the second for decline the stock the saldo of the two child tables should be the present in stock value.

so i got the whole in one dataset with 3 table adapters ( 1 master and 2 child) on my form1 i can easily slect the master record in a DGview and the link to the cild tables work just fine. Now the actual problem i want to generate an sql statement / tabeladapter and table that give me the sum of the 2 child tables from the selected product: my approach is to add the table to the dataset as step 1 but then i am lost, so secondly i have added the statement as an fillby query to the master table and stuck again.
so how to generate the sum of the 2 cild tables and link that to the product table so that i have a propper parent/child and the sum displayed as i select the record in the master table?

pls i hope that someone has got a very simple answer to this question, as i am fairly new to this all i feel quiet embarresed to ask such an simple thing. should i have attached an xml schema?