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Thread: sql query

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    Aug 2006

    sql query

    i have table thread(tblthread) which has following colmns(Thread_Id,Forun_Id,Thread_Topic,Thread_Description)

    in my Forums.aspx in data grid i want to display number of threads in each forum,like

    Forums Threads

    forum1 10

    forum2 22

    what sqlquery i have to write,iam little bit confused

    how to get count of threads in each forum.

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    Select Forum_Id,SUM(Forum_Id)
    From tblthread
    Group by Forum_Id


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    i did that and i have the answer but the problem is

    the sqlquery which displays the Forum name from (tlbforum) and username from (tbluser_profile)is

    sqlQry1="select tblforum.*,tbluser_profile.Nick_Name AS owner,Count(tblthread.Thread_Id)
    FROM tblforum INNER JOIN tbluser_profile ON tblforum.User_Id = tbluser_profile.User_Id ORDER BY tblforum.Creation_Date DESC"

    now the query which gives me the number of Threads in each forum is

    sqlQry2="SELECT count(tblthread.Thread_Id) , tblthread.Forum_Id
    FROM tblthread INNER JOIN
    tblforum ON tblthread.Forum_Id = tblforum.Forum_Id
    GROUP BY tblthread.Forum_Id"

    now how to club sqlQry1 and sqlQry2 into one query so that my Datagrid displays

    Thread name,thread initiated by,last post in the thread by.

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