Problems with CPU SCHEDULING ALGORITHM (operating systems)

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Thread: Problems with CPU SCHEDULING ALGORITHM (operating systems)

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    Question Problems with CPU SCHEDULING ALGORITHM (operating systems)

    Hello!, Everyone...
    Can anyone help me on this problem were a program/syntax/logic of CPU SCHEDULING ALGORITHM (operating systems) with gantt chart and computation were the user input a jobs, arrival time, burst time, priority and quantum.

    The user input a any jobs that he wants to schedule and were he use a (fcfs, sjf, srtf, prio, p-prio and round robin). If you enter that, a table comes out and then you will fill out and it consist of the arrival time, burst time (float of decimal), priority (prio and p-prio) and quantum (if round robin). And after fill out a gantt chart will also comes out (if it is idle time, it is represented by the letter "I") and the computation will rotate and waiting time.
    Anyone can help me about scheduling algorithm... please! help me... please! help me...
    Thank you so much if anyone can help me about this...
    God Bless to you...

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    Help you with what specifically? Have you done any of the work yourself yet? The Gantt chart should be simple. Pick a time scale then draw a bar graph. Each task's bar is offset by its start date and ends at (start_date+duration).

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