need help with java

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Thread: need help with java

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    need help with java

    JavaBeans and Bean Events.

    a) (The Clock source component) Create a JavaBeans component for displaying an analog clock. This bean allows the user to customize a clock through the properties, as shown in Figure 27.11 (Liang, 6th edition). Write a test program that displays four clocks, as shown in Figure 27.12 (Liang, 6th edition).

    b) (Creating ClockWithAlarm from Clock) Create an alarm clock, named ClockWithAlarm, which extends the Clock component built in exercise (a), as shown in Figure 27.13 (Liang, 6th edition). This component contains two new properties, alarmDate and alarmTime.

    alarmDate is a string consisting of year, month, and day, separated by commas. For example, 1998,5,13 represents the year 1998, month 5, and day 13.

    alarmTime is a string consisting of hour, minute, and second, separated by commas. For example, 10,45,2 represents 10 hours, 45 minutes, and 2 seconds. When the clock time matches alarm time, ClockWithAlarm fires an ActionEvent.

    Write a test program that displays the alert message “You have an appointment now” on a dialog box at a specified time (e.g., date: 2004,1,1 and time: 10,30,0).

    i'm using textbook : introduction to java programming by Y.Daniel Liang

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    and you need help with what? we wont write entire programs for you, so post what you have done and we'll direct you in the right way

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