C++ callback works only in debug !

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Thread: C++ callback works only in debug !

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    C++ callback works only in debug !

    Hello There,

    I need some help from you.
    I have a C++ dll that send 'events' by callback pointer to a function.
    Also, from developing speed point of view I've choose VB6 for user interface.
    I follow up all rules about working with AddressOf and external lib in VB6.
    In VB6 debug mode all seams to work OK but after compiling and launch the exe file, no callback comes (all other functions seams to be ok).

    Do you have any idea, is it form VB or maybe from C++.


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    I guess you wrote the c++ dll yourself, right?
    is it possible that the callback is called within a separated thread, created in the dll itself? I ask because that is one difference between IDE and exe: in the IDE everything runs in the same thread.

    "There are two ways to write error-free programs. Only the third one works."

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    Mar 2007
    Thanks mstarf,

    That's true, the C++ is multithreading and it has to be in this way.
    But you give me the answer that I need.

    Thanks a lot

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