I have a bound datagridview control. One of the columns has an integer value that correlates to an enum. For example, the column is Order_Status, which can have a value correlating to an OrderStatus enum (Completed = 1, Shipped = 2, In_Process = 3, etc.). In my grid I want to have the Order Status column be presented to the user as drop down list box. I don't want to fill the list values from a database. I want to fill them in code with my enum values, with the textual representation being what the user sees in the list. I want to control what the user sees in the list. This used to be so extremely easy with VB6 and the videosoft grid. I'm amazed at the complexity in doing this in .Net. So, to summarize:

- I have a DataGridView control bound to a Order table
- I have a Order_Status column that correlates to an enum
- I want to present the Order_Status column to the user as a combobox

Has anyone here done this? Am I making this harder than it really is? Please, I'd appreciate any help on this.