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    any way to copy protect your java applications?

    I need a way to copy protect a java application saved on a computer hard drive. Basically, without such protection, all someone needs to do is select all the class files, and then copy them to a CD-R or a floppy disc then paste it onto their own computer's hard drive. I know I cant disable the ability to copy class files, But an idea I had in mind was to write some code in the java program that will allow it to only run on a specified computer, otherwise, the java application will not function.

    I was thinking that the java program would perform a test which can tell it if it is being run on computer x, if it is not being run on computer x, then all GUI listeners will be disabled, rendering the program useless. The idea is not to prevent people from copying the class files, but to make it so that if they do, the java program will not function if it is run on any computer OTHER than my own, rendering the program useless.

    Is there any way for a java program to detect and recognize what computer it is being run on? Do computers have any signatures unique to their computer unit, such as a serial # or something that the java program can test for so it can know it is running on computer x or not?

    if anyone can help me out, I'd greatly appriciate it
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