[sorry, new here, new with applets, pretty new with php. apologies]

I have found and used a Java applet to display dynamic graphs. It all went great on my laptop. I uploaded the applet and the .php pages on the server, they would not display. If, on the other hand, I copy the html code generated by the server and make it a static html page, then the graph would display even on the server.


I could provide a link to my page, and the java applet provider, if that could help solve the puzzle and if does not break any forum rule.

Info that may be useful: on my laptop I have XAMPP for Windows Version 1.5.3a, php 5.1.4. On the server it says "Server version: 4.0.27-standard"

p.s. [this is a bit off-topic:] if one can come up with a (free) alternative for dynamically displaying graphs with or without Java applet that would take me less time to learn and implement than it would take me to fix the current problem, it would just do as well.

TX - matcube