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Thread: Training advice

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    Training advice

    I've been programming in Java for about 7 years now, but I am primarily self taught so I think I've developed some bad habits that I would like to eliminate and I believe there are some gaps in my knowledge that I would like to fill.

    Does anyone have any advice as to a good book or form of training that might fit my situation? I don't want to start back at HelloWorld, but I want to make sure I cover the areas where I am lacking.



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    Ontario, Canada

    The Book is on the web

    Try this site:
    Good luck,

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    look for a Java For Programmers book or class.

    I think it would definitely be useless to pick up an Intro to Java book, but there are a lot of books out there designed to teach the language to IT-savvy people.

    (I don't know of a good specific one, sorry).

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    Thanks, I've got a bruce eckel book around here somewhere. I'll dust it off and take a look.

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