including an XML file into another XML file

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Thread: including an XML file into another XML file

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    found XALAN limitation when including an XML file into another XML file

    Hi all,
    Feel stuck here.
    I've broken my XML file into 3 parts. (The header, content and footer).
    I assemble these XML files by putting the following statement in the beginning of the document main.xml

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="convertToXHTML.xsl"?>
    <!DOCTYPE cd_page [
    <!ENTITY header SYSTEM "header.xml">
    <!ENTITY content SYSTEM "content.xml">
    <!ENTITY footer SYSTEM "footer.xml">

    and put &header; ,&footer; and &content; in main.xml file where ever I need these blocks inserted.

    This main.xml file is linked to an XSL file which outputs XHTML.
    When I open main.xml in internet explorer, it is perfectly converted to XHTML but it does not work on firefox.
    So for compatibility with all browsers, I want to do the conversion on the server side and send XHTML output to the browser.
    When I convert it on the server side using java servlets and XALAN API it seems XALAN doesn't support the assembly of the xml blocks in this way (i.e using <!ENTITY) .
    Are there any other methods/approaches of assembling XML blocks. I can test them with XALAN to see wether they are supported or not?
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