Visual Studio 2003 Setup Package Inquiry

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Thread: Visual Studio 2003 Setup Package Inquiry

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    Visual Studio 2003 Setup Package Inquiry

    I'm not sure if this can be done and I've been searching the web for some time looking for some help with this.

    I created a setup package with 2003 and I want to run a second setup package during the installation. Is this even possible? If it is, how would it be done?

    Edit: A little more information on this issue: The second setup installation is for a USB driver. Basically we have an application that is being installed to monitor a portable power source, but we need to integrate the driver installation into the installation of our created application so that the driver installation setup package runs when the original setup package runs.
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    It is possible, but you cannot do it using Visual Studio alone. You will need to edit the MSI file created by VS to include a Custom Action. To do so, you may use the Windows Installer Automation interface, or you may use Microsoft's Orca tool to edit the MSI interactively. For more information, see
    Phil Weber

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    I had an there no way to set a launch condition on setup 1 that looks for the driver file, and if there is a negative return, run setup 2 then continue to setup 1?

    BTW, thanks for your help, Phil.

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    As Phil said, you are able to run setup2 during setup1 (called nested installation), but it's NOT recommended.

    There are many reasons not to use nested installation. Microsoft addresses some of the drawbacks here:
    But which I most concern is that nested installation does not provide the "real" picture to setup1.

    Take an example, if setup2 has bug and does not install the driver onto the machine properly (even it's finished "as normal"), setup1 will still assume the driver is installed and proceed. This can be dangerous.

    In my view, the most sensible way is to check the driver existence in setup1. If the driver does not exist, prompt the user to install the driver first and abort setup1.

    Don't try to make thing "over automatic" which is unmanageable.

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