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    problem in region of interest selection in an image

    hiii everybody...
    my project is on image processing where i have to display two images, select region of interest in both the images and then show the percentage of matching of the selected region...so can anyone help me out plss...
    the problem lies in displaying both the images in different window using filechooser and then selecting region of interest in both the sample images.....
    if anyone could help me out plsssssss.....especially in region of interest selection.......

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    For displaying image(s) make a JPanel extension and override the
    paintComponent(Graphics g) -method, load the image first and draw it in this method. The selection of a region should be done by detecting mouseclicking/dragging via a MouseListener and a MouseMotionListener. If a simple rectangular selection is not enough you should look into the classes that extend the Shape -interface.

    For selecting a region of a displayed image use java.awt.CropImageFilter.
    eschew obfuscation

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