I'm new to xml and have a question about searching an xml file and returning a result.

I have a dataset with related 2 tables (for simplicity) which I convert to an XML file.

e.g tblPerson (parent) and tblOccupation (child)

tblPerson Columns
ClientCode (pk)

tblOccupation Columns
ClientCode (pk,fk)

Is it possible to search the xml file for all matching values (e.g "WHERE Occupation = 'Vodafone' ") in the childTable and have it return/create an XML file with the Dataset schema and all the parent nodes (tblPerson Rows) that matched the search criteria.

I would then be able to read the xml file back into my DataSet which would update the ParentTable to only show the rows whose childTable matched the search criteria.

I don't need to know how to do this (although it'd be nice), I just need to know if this is possible so I don't waste time trying to learn how to do it only to find out it can't be done.

I hope this is clear anyway.