Hello All,
I missed a few lectures in class and I got very behind. My assignment is to:
Create a base class named "Rectangle" that contains length and width data members. From this class, derive a class named "Box" having an additional data memner named "depth". The method members of the base "Rectangle" class should consist of a constructor and an override method named "area()" method. The derived "Box" class should have a constructor and an override method named "area()" that retuns the surface area od the box and a "volume()" method.

Include in the classes constructed for the previous exercise in a working Java program. Have yoru program call all of the member methods in each class and explain the result when the area method is called using the two "box" objects.
Can someone guide me in the right direction? Can you show me how to set up the first part? I am very thankful for any help I get.