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Thread: Problem Connect Vb6 to Sql Server 2000(in other pc)

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    Problem Connect Vb6 to Sql Server 2000(in other pc)

    i using this coding try to connect to SQL Server that in other computer.
    but it cant login into the computer.
    The security for SQL Server set to Window

    dim con as adodb.connection
    dim rs as adodb.recordset

    set con = new adodb.connection
    set rs = new adodb.recordset

    con.connectionstring = "Driver={sqlserver}; server=; database=Project"
    con.connectiontimeout = 30

    The error i got is
    "Login failed for user 'ABC\Guest'"

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    Looks like you may be already getting the prompt to enter in the credientials but you need to explicitly set it to prompt when using the connectionstring like that.

    con.Properties("Prompt") = adPromptAlways

    Do you also have sql permissions to logon with those network user logon credentials?
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    Try the next :

    con.connectionstring  = "Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;" & _
                                     "Integrated Security=SSPI;" & _
                                     "Initial Catalog=Project;" & _
                                     "Data Source="

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