Hi Guys,

In my project, I am sending JMS message from sender to receiver.

my code is:

Queue missingMessageQueue = null;
QueueSender missingMessageSender = null;
QueueReceiver missingMessageReceiver = null;

missingMessageQueue = session.createQueue("bt.product.superannuation.superforlife.private.q.investorreconciliati on.cis.request.v1");
missingMessageSender = session.createSender(missingMessageQueue);
missingMessageReceiver = session.createReceiver(missingMessageQueue);

msg = session.createTextMessage();

my requirment is, I need to read back the responce from the JMS receiver

if i use

transMessageReceiver.receive(), that returning total jms message.

when i make call in project, my service creates one xsd schema and returns as responce for htis call. So i need to get that schama as ouput to this call.

Can anyone help me regarding this...

Thanks in advance,