The Call statement

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Thread: The Call statement

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    The Call statement

    I just have this doubt over using the call statement in vb:

    What is the use of using the "Call" to call a function?
    Even if we skip this call and simply put the functions name in a sub its going to be called, isn't it?

    so what's the benefit of using the call? is it just for the purpose of the Readability of the code that we are using this this "Call"?

    Pls explain??????????

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    Yes, read-ability. There are a few syntaxes for using it.

    Call SomeSub



    or if calling a function to pass a value...

    Call SomeFunction("Blah")


    SomeFunction "Blah"

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    FYI, for consistency and readability, in VB.NET Call is no longer optional.
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