I have no problem with the programming, I've been programming for a long time.
It's dealing with the Command Line, Environmental Variables, etc. that keeps me from even getting started.
When I first came to XP, I was greatful that DOS wasn't needed, as I avoided it any way that I could since coming to PC's.
My first Java Book was "Head First Java", and using screen-shots, I was able to show Kathy Sierra (the co-author) what was going on, and she would send me tips. She recommended that I go to online Forums, as her available platform left her nearly as lost as I was.
Even the simplest little project would not compile/interpret.

I was using VB 6, and when VB 7 turned into .NET, it was only starting to take on features that Java has had for some time. I looked into Java, and made-up my mind to learn it. I must admit, I love the VB 6 IDE. So when I found Eclipse, I hoped that this would solve my Command-Line problems.

I am currently using XP pro; do I need the Command-line with Eclipse?
Do I need to edit the Environmental variables?

If you would like to help a "wannabe" Java developer, please e-mail me at sloke@protovista.com