Insert validator error when updating

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Thread: Insert validator error when updating

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    Exclamation Insert validator error when updating

    hi all ,

    I have a Gridview and textboxes in the footer of all the attributes. The text boxes are to add new data into the grid. i also have a button in the footer which adds the new data in.

    I have validators for my add new attributes, so if an attribute is not entered in, it will show a red star indicating in needs to be filled in.

    This is where i have the problem, when i update a field, because the text boxes for the add are visible when i try to update a field the validators show saying that the fileds for adding a new record have not been entered, as a result the update does not occur.

    To get around this problem i took out the validators and it worked like a charm, but i really want those validators in. is there any way i can have them in?

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    You may assign a ValidationGroup property to the validators and your Add button, so the validators fire when the Add button is clicked, but not when you edit a row in the GridView. See for more information.
    Phil Weber

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