I am writing a script to test a web page which accepts many parameters with
multiple possible values in the url. (It's a very complicated search page.)
I would like to construct urls for all combinations of possible standard
ins, load the page and look for any errors in the header. I have the last
2 steps taken care of but it's the combination thing that's tripping me up.

I am pretending the page accepts only three parameters (although it's more
like 9) so I am trying to loop through a jagged array which contains 3 arrays
and create a comprehensive combination of all values. These values can be
strings or integers.

I've searched for a long time for code examples but the only thing I could
find used numbers only and had no comments (I'm new at C# but coded in ASP
for 3 years). I've also tried to figure out whether this is a function in
C#... I don't think so.

Does anyone have any sample code that could help me in this insane undertaking?
Thanks in advance,