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Thread: SQL Server 2005 — Move Data to Another Machine?

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    SQL Server 2005 — Move Data to Another Machine?

    I'm trying to recover from a machine crash and move my SQL Server 2005 data to a new machine.

    I had SQL Server 2005 (developer's edition) on the old machine and now have installed it in the new. Is there a good way to transfer the old system info and data to that new machine?

    I can access the old machine's disk drive just fine, but the still-cranky Windows XP system, the result of a desperate, last minute reinstall, will not let me successfully reinstall SQL Server 2005. Thus any consideration of a detach/reattach doesn't seem in the cards (if that's even what would be logical; I'm pretty confused about these things).

    This leaves me with the hope—perhaps naive—that I might try something like simply copying MSSQL.1, MSSQL.2 and MSSQL.3 from the old to the new. I think that's where all my data resides, as I never specified another location.

    Please, you wonderful experts, give me some suggestions?


    Benn Gibson

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    I had seen this situation before, what I did was reinstall SQL Server on this machine and attach the database, then move the database to another machine as usual way.


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    Grab the the primary files (data and log) and reattach on new server
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