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    java app with sql database

    I have a beginners question, I am learning Java, databases and trying to create a Java application that talks to a SQL server. My question is typically when I would like to install the application, Is there a way one can get away without installing the SQL server, in other words can one store the data in some manner (files..etc) and then use the same application which internally uses SQL queries to query the data. An example situation is I want to give this application to somebody and they do not have SQL server...

    Any help/suggestions will be greatly appreciated..

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    As far as I know, you could put the database in an Access file (please don't shout at me ) and you could connect to that database. It would just be local then, but since your friend doesn't have an SQL Server, I'm assuming that's not a problem.

    You'd have to adjust your program to access that database though.

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    No, you can't store data into a regular file and then use SQL to read it out from the file. You must use an SQL relational database in order to use SQL commands to access data. You can using Object Serialization (ObjectOutputStream) write objects into a file and then read them back into memory from the file using Object Deserialization (ObjectInputStream), but there are no SQL queries involved with this technique.


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