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    Java Encryption and Decryption


    I am new java developer. Now i am doing one struts application.

    In my application, at the User registration time, i need to Encrypt the password field and then i like to store into the database.

    After that the same user will be logging, at the moment the database password will decrypt and it will be compare to the User entering password.

    If both password's are equal, then only the User will allow the logging.

    can anybody know or have any sample code for Encrypt and Decrypt.

    If yes, kindly post me, my mail id is tamilvanan@veradistech.com.

    I am expecting anyone's reply.



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    You may be looking for the services offered by the javax.crypto library.

    Take a look at the API documents.

    Also, here is an introduction to the classes of this library (this is the 1.4 link - I know there is a 1.6 document but I haven't found it on the Sun website - it is in my download of the API documents):

    and this Tutorial trail

    You should be able to find an abundance of information by searching for your terms - lots of college lecture materials which will give you the background you need to implement your task.
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