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    Question Complete newbie - please help!


    I am completely new to this. I have some experience with javascript, html and css. I need to write a website for my parents small business, so please be patient and help me!

    1. What languages are supported in ASP .NET 2.0? Where can I find a complete list? Which one is reccomended?

    2. I will need to access a database. Is SQL the only option?

    3. The way I understand it, the code and data will be hosted on multiple servers. What happens if User A accesses the site through Server 1 and writes to a file. Then User B accesses the site but he hits server 2 and now he needs to read the same file. How does this work? How is the data dynamically replicated across servers?
    This must be a very common problem. They want a forum on their site so I am sure this is not a hard thing to do, but for some reason I cannot figure out how this happens.

    4. Is AJAX hard to learn or implement? I guess this is relative, but what I mean is that is the ASP .NET AJAX api easy to pick up if you have some entry-level OOP experience?

    5. Does web-development require creating threads/processes? I was never able to understand this stuff in college and have only dabbled in it slightly. Why would a web app need to launch a process?

    I'm sure these are silly questions but I hope someone can help. Everyone has to start somewhere right?


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    Welcome to DevX.

    Do you have the complete Visual Studio 2005 suite? (VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET)?

    As far as the database is concerned, SQL is only one option. Oracle is another. MySQL is yet another.

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