I am trying to send a message to a queue and generate a positive Ack. The

message gets to the Request queue, but no Ack is sent to the Admin queue.
Any ideas?

Order sentOrder = new Order();
sentOrder.orderId = 3;
sentOrder.orderTime = DateTime.Now;

// Connect to a queue on the local computer.
MessageQueue myQueue = new MessageQueue(_RequestQue);
MessageQueue AdminQueue = new MessageQueue(_AdminQue);

// Send the Order to the queue.
myQueue.Label = "By Zack";

System.Messaging.Message m = new System.Messaging.Message();
m.Label = "zacks";
// m.BodyType = 8;
// m.Formatter = new XmlMessageFormatter();
m.Body = sentOrder;
m.AdministrationQueue = AdminQueue;
m.AcknowledgeType = System.Messaging.AcknowledgeTypes.FullReachQueue;
m.AttachSenderId = true;