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Thread: VBA - Save Code

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    VBA - Save Code


    I got a problem, not a very big problem but a problem.

    I have this code....
    And I want it to only save wend a msgbox shows up with a YES or NO choice.

    Private Sub Form_CommandBeforeExecute(ByVal Command As Variant, ByVal Cancel As Object)
    Dim anser As Integer
    Dim question As string

    question = "Do you want to save?"

    anser = MsgBox("Do you want to save?", vbYesNo)

    If anser = vbYes Then
    Cancel.Value = True
    Cancel.Value = False
    End If

    If you didnt get the questio say something and I will try to explain
    in a diferent way.


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    Apr 2007
    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    If you want to save if they say Yes, why are you canceling?
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