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    ASP Update statement to a MS SQL 2000 DB clears fields outside of the statement

    I have an ASP app that allows teachers to enter reportcard grades for students. The forms have roughly 300 fields but only a third are ever active for the curren marking period. So each update state ent only has a little over 100 felds beig upated. Randomly data from fields not in the current period are bing cleared as the teachers are using the app.

    Is there a reason why SQL server might clear fields not even included in the UPDATE statement?


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    Welcome to DexX.

    No. SQL Server would not randomly clear fields even if they were in the UPDATE statement. It sounds like something unexpected is happening in your code. What is your update statement?

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    Update statement is toolong to post and it is created dynamically as the form is generated. Based on what period it is it geerates the form and updte statement. The only thing I could think of was if the update statement didn't get completely processed for some reason or if iis failed to process the database execute statement properly.

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