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    How may Run FPD under windows XP pro?(access to LPT1)

    There is a very old and handy user friendly accounting program written by fox pro 26 DOS NOW i have to use it under XP-pro but it runs without detecting LPT1 where the a HARDWARE Lock(Dongle) plugged .is there any solution? or any advise can help me to run correctly This FPD under xp-pro correctly? i dont know the keyboard works OK or Not i am not sure-the application could not run correctly- but the application dose not responce to escape but if the hardware lock(Dongle) can not detect it is natural on DOS too.
    Infact the problem is not detcting Dongle under NT virtual DOS.!
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    hi all
    as i c , NTVDM dose not let any application access to LPT1 then i think a solution may find out what is sent to LPT1 address.how can i find it? or any other solution!plz

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