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    Deploying Apps Exe's in one Folder Dll's in another

    I am trying to deploy several applications that use the same Dll's. I want to run them off the several so all a user has to do is double click on it to run, this way i don't have to install the apps locally. These exe's will sit in thier specific location, ie. shipping.exe will be in the folder ...\shipping\shipping.exe and i orderentry.exe will be in ...\order entry\orderentry.exe. I want the DLL's that both of these exe's use to sit in a folder called ...\DLL library\*.dll. is there a possible way to do this. I have looked into setup and deployment and publish, but those were getting away from my goal of not installing locally. Please advise.

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    Why not deploy the shared DLLs to the GAC? That would be the simplest solution, and is the approach Microsoft recommends for shared assemblies. Alternatively, you can put the .EXEs in a single directory and put the shared assemblies in a subdirectory. Then specify that subdirectory in the <probing privatePath> element of each .EXE's .config file. You may find the following article helpful: http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/is...asicInstincts/
    Phil Weber

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