For my task I need to send an email on a daily basis from a particular table in my database.

At first I try to send the stuff with my PL/SQL stored procedure and seems it works. I am wondering the limitation of UTL_SMTP package. In case my data is not in bulk then it would work fine. However, if I have more data to be sent, then it would not work.

I knew that there would be other options like using shell script or mailx for sending email. I know totally nothing about these two and don't know where I can learn these. In case if I use shell script or mailx, would it be possible for me to send the email in html format? If I first export the data in a file, then send the email with the file contents, would it still be possible to make it in html format? Because the end-users request to have the report in html format by email. I don't know how I should start with. Please help me experts! Thanks a lot!