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    vb 6 sytem in a network

    How do I make my vb 6.0 and ms access accessible i more than one computer in a network am using odbc. My idea is to have the database in one computer and the vb exe installed in the many computers in a network. How do i ensure i dont get a path error. Please help.

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    Share the folder where the database will reside with permissions allowing your users to connect. Use a UNC path or even have the workstations map a drive to it. Then in your ODBC connection you can specify the UNC path or mapped drive location.
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    Automatic adding of records

    Hi, Thanks indeed for your help I have managed to access my software from any computer by using the mapping method. Thanks alot I dont know whether you know of a technique to add records in a table automatically e.g Suppose you have a table called saving where it has 2 fields (ie. employee_id, saving_in_US_Dollars and date_saved.) and you want be adding savings automatically at end month how is that possibe and also the database is accessed through a VB 6.0 interface connected using odbc

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