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Thread: Boooks !!!!!

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    teku Guest

    Boooks !!!!!

    i am going to start java |( sun ) . what would be the best book to start with

    merci beacoup

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    Brent Guest

    Re: Boooks !!!!!

    It really depends on your experience. If you've never programed before,
    the Deitel "Java How to Program" book is really
    useful. For that matter, so is "Java for Students". On the other hand,
    if you have a background in C++, all you really need is
    a good reference--maybe Steven Holzner's "Java Black Book". Also, Steve
    Haines did a "Java 2 from Scratch" which is part of the
    Jesse Liberty "from Scratch" series. It's a good book but you would do well
    to familiarize yourself with
    object-oriented concepts first in order to get the most out of it. It also
    gives you the opportunity to actually "do" something
    in the context of a larger project. I'd recommend this is you are the type
    of person who would prefer to be shown something
    as opposed to reading all the theory behind it. Finally, there's the CORE
    Java books. Everyone I've talked to says they're the
    best. I don't own them personally, so I can't say. But, from looking though
    them, I was impressed with how thorough they were.
    Hope this helps a little.
    "teku" <woswoswos@hotmail.com> wrote:
    >i am going to start java |( sun ) . what would be the best book to start

    >merci beacoup

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    Lim Wing Hoe Guest

    Re: Boooks !!!!!

    Hello Merci,
    I'm a newbie just like you. I must say that Deitel & Deitel's Java How to
    Program 3rd Edition is really a good book. A lot of examples and explanation
    on the codes presented. If you want to pick that up, go for this.


    Best Regards,
    Wing Hoe
    ICQ: 2213281
    Email: winghoe@hotmail.com
    www: http://pwp.maxis.net.my/winghoe

    "teku" <woswoswos@hotmail.com> wrote in message
    > i am going to start java |( sun ) . what would be the best book to start

    > ?
    > merci beacoup

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    Andrew Budds Guest

    Re: Boooks !!!!!

    Well I can agree that 'Java 2 How to Program' Deitel & detel is pretty good,
    if you have the patience for it's pace. I would point out, though that it
    is very slow in its progress thru the topics. Also the OO design is a little
    weak ( but then the focus IS more on Java, not OO).
    I'd look at 'Beginning Java 2' by Ivor Horton (ISBN 1-861002-23-8).
    The designs are presented clearly and the issues are very well separated;
    he covers the basics BEFORE launching you into applets etc thru awt/swing.
    Also the exercises are good, short and to the point.
    Once you get going and start to do stuff on your own I'd HIGGHLY recommend
    the 'Java in a Nutshell'series; the text explins the principles very consicely,
    but it's the reference sections which are the real goldmine.

    Good luck, and welcome to the world of Java :-)!

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    Jul 2007
    hi ,
    i am new to java programming.i am just starting learning it.my seniors suggested "java 2 complete reference" by Schildt.is it good?Any book better?
    i read another forum article on java books but the replies are equally confusing by stating many books at a time.
    more over i am confused about the different java softwares at sun website.i know c,c++,vb6.please suggest a good development kit along with its version number(there are so many at sun website).please help.

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    Jul 2007

    Java Outside In

    by Bowker is good.

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