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    Jun 2007

    Need a Java Project (Small) Help Me !!! Pls.


    I need a project which could be in JAVA or VB 6 ... need to submit (earilest) please help me out.. It could be a Game or small data retrival project, some good graphics, Thanks in Advance.

    Pls respond as soon as possible.
    thanks !!!
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    Jul 2007

    Question Re: Need a Java Project (Small) Help Me !!! Pls.

    What do you need the project for?

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    Jun 2007

    Thumbs down Need to submit it in this year !!!!!


    Thanks for responding .... I need this badly by the end of this month ... need a small project... Im a MCA student... However im unable to create it due to lack of time....

    Pls the website id or somewhere ,, where i can get them

    this is important it shd be in VB or JAVA ... Coz... these are the only languages on which i huv a grip ...

    Help me

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    Jul 2007

    how about google?!

    have you tried looking on google for java projects?
    if you cannot find anything there, i have a project written in java at


    the project is in a jar file which can be unzipped with most compression programs to get the class files. i hope this is helpful.

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