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    Jul 2007

    Red face How to begin learning Web 2


    I want to learn about web 2.
    Can u please suggest me where to start and about any good links.

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    Jul 2007
    Web 2.0 is a very vague topic. To the business types, it means creating an interactive site that is mostly powered by user-contributed content, to developers it means lots of AJAX built on top of a very clean, attractive UI. There are frameworks available to help build AJAX-based web-apps in just about any modern language. Since you are posting in a Java forum, I would assume that you are looking for a Java framework. There are a few popular frameworks including JSF and Struts 2. If you are looking for a component-based framework, check out JSF. If you are more interested in the Model 2 (previously known as MVC), then take a look at Struts 2.

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