I have an object model built which I wish I could graphically show. On the
highest level is my client object. It creates the Process object. The Process
object creates the message, security, and application objects.
I have all DLL's defined to compile to a well-known directory (D:\Apps\mycompany.NET\bin)
and each higher node in the object model creates reference 'No Local Copy'
to the DLL's in that directory.

Problem: when I changed the implementation in one of the lowest objects,
it broke reference in all higher nodes. This created an error that was something
like System.IO.FileNotFoundException when I ran the client. If I recompiled
client and process, then the FileNotFoundException goes away.

Are DLL references bound to the assembly version number???? How can I get
away from this -- where I can change a lower DLL without having to recompile
the two higher object???