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    Question Accessing Master Page public items

    I cannot get this to work in Visual Studio 2005 with ASP.NET v2.0:

    For example, you might have a master page named MasterPage.master that is the class name MasterPage_master. You might create @ Page and @ MasterType directives that look like the following:

    <%@ Page masterPageFile="~/MasterPage.master"%>

    <%@ MasterType virtualPath="~/MasterPage.master"%>

    When you use a @ MasterType directive, such as the one in the example, you can reference members on the master page as in the following example:

    CompanyName.Text = Master.CompanyName;


    To access items in the Master Page I have to do this on every page:

    NameSpace.MasterClass _master = (NameSpace.MasterClass)base.Master;

    CompanyName.Text = _master.CompanyName;

    Any fix for this ?


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    Dec 2008
    I just realised that the "designer" files that VS automatically creates does exactly what I was doing manually in the page itself...

    NameSpace.MasterClass _master = (NameSpace.MasterClass)base.Master;

    All designer pages were deleted in this older project because they created unnecessary complexity; and they still do...

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