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    Apr 2004

    Interfaces clash - what to do?

    I was never able to figure this out:

    A class implements two interfaces, IFace1 and IFace2, both of which have a method with the same name public void remove();

    However, the semantics of the two removes are different. IFace1 is supposed to remove an entry from queue1, while IFace2 from queue2.

    How do I solve this problem? With class name clashes, I can fully specify the namespace. Is there something similar for interface methods? I tried

    public void my.own.IFace1.remove() {...}
    public void john.made.IFace2.remove() {...}

    but it didn't compile Please help. Thanks

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    Dec 2004
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    I hope you inherited this mess ... and didn't create it ...

    Have you tried addressing the class as an IFace1 object or an IFace2 object? How about casting it to an IFace1 or IFace2 object? Or design the method in the calling procedure to require an IFace1 or IFace2 object as an argument so that the object is automatically cast to the proper ADT?

    You wrote that the "semantics" of the two methods is different. Could you share the method signature which shows their difference? Could you modify the signature to be unique?

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    Apr 2004
    well, half and half. IFace2 is inherited, but IFace1 is at my liberty. I don't think casting the object into an implementation of IFace1 or IFace2 would help because it still needs to call the remove() method, and the ambiguity is nontheless unavoidable.

    A clear solution I am having in mind is to name the remove() method in IFace1 to delete(). This is ugly, but unless there is a better way I can only stick with it.

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    Dec 2004
    San Bernardino County, California
    why can't you just pass the queue you're interested in as a parameter, and use the one method? OR, if you must have two different methods because of how you are defining the methods, do you have different elements in your queues, so you can use the Generic signature to distinguish between the two IFace remove() methods (overload remove()). another thought is to create a hierarchy of the ADT of the elements being stored in the two queues, which are then populated by element types which inherit or implement the interface of the parent in the hierarchy.

    node ...... vertexNode

    you can then have queue1<VertexNode> and queue2<EdgeNode> and
    then your remove method can be remove(Node) which could be a queue of vertexNodes or of edgeNodes ....
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