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    Non-applet pixel to cm/inch conversion


    I'm stuck with my java web application where I need to determine the number of character and line of text which can be fitted into a specific size of text area. For example, in a text area of 2inch * 8 inch, how many character of Arial font 12 can be fitted per row? And how many row can the text area fit? To make the situation more complicated, the requirement also allow each line to have different font type and also different font size.

    I know Java AWT can convert pixel to cm/inch, but I don't want an applet in my web application as applet will take times to load. Any Java developer out there can help me out?

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    Did you check all apis of imageviewer class?

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    Jul 2007
    I've gone thru the APIs but couldn't really find what I need. Maybe I miss it out or something. I'll go thru it again but do you happen to know which class actually provide this? If yes, can you kindly throw in some lights? Thanks in advance

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