Hi everyone, thank you for the help you provide on this forum, I've learned a lot so far.

Right now I'm making a simple Access-Visual Basic 2005 .NET database. I want to make a Search Query that will search the Database for text similar to what the user inputs into TextBox1.Text on the form where the datagrid is displayed.

I've created a query that works if:

WHERE mycolumn = 'oxygen'

for example. It will retrieve and display all matches for oxygen, so the query itself works. But it does not work with the variations I have tried on:

WHERE mycolumn = ' "TextBox1.Text" '

The query is:

SELECT FirstName, LastName, City, Major, StudentID FROM Students
WHERE FirstName LIKE ...

I want to be able to search the column <FirstName> for the text that the user inputs in TextBox1.Text and then display the parts of the datagrid that match that.

A blank datagrid appears. I don't think the query is able to see what TextBox1.Text contains.

What do you recommend I do to make this work? Or what alternatives exist to making a robust search button with search terms?