Hello Fellow Developers:

I am an intermediate VB6 developer. I have not yet upgraded to .NET due to lack of funds. I am nonetheless, looking for help from anyone who can show me (through CODE) how to keep track of Clients who check-in and then have these same clients check-out during the same day. Kind of like a mini-Time management system.

I have generated my own code that searches the primary database, finds the client, then plucks out the needed information from his/her recordset using the clipboard technique, and I can check in a client with client name, ID number with date and time. That is as far as I have gone.

I am using ADO with an Access (.mdb) database. My check-in form has both textfields and datagrid on them.

I would like anyone who is an expert at this to either show me or provide me with some code for me to work with.

All I want to do is to clock-in and then clock-out at the end of the day and create reports from this. I would prefer that a datagrid be used since that is the control I am using on my visual basic forms. If there is another method I am all ears.

If there is CODE that I can use to avoid possible duplication of the same client the same DAY, that would be just GREAT.

On the flip side, if anyone can show me via SQL statements how to search a table using a datagrid control for all those clients who checked-in today only and compare them with ID# ENTERED INTO A SEARCH FIELD to avoid checking-in the same client twice the same day, that would also help.

Thanks in Advance.