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    using algebra in java

    I was not sure how to use java for this. I want to solve for two unknown variables and I have two equations. As anyone knows, in algebra if you have two unknowns and have two equations then you can solve for the two unknowns. Could someone show me how to go about doing this in java, preferably some example code. If it is necessary, I will try to show what I am having trouble with.

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    Oct 2005
    I just tried putting in the equations, and they will seem real confusing and hard to read. The equations are really big and nasty. It is not that they are unsolvable, it is just that they would take a long time to work them out which is why I am writing a program. In the equations there are five known values which the user of the program enters, and there are two unknowns. You see, in algebra, one can enter the five known values into one of the equations and solve for one of the unknowns while the remaning unknown is in his answer such as, x=y+3. Then you take this value for x and substitute it for the value of x in the other eqaution, and then you can get the exact value for the second unknown which you will use to find the value of the first unknown. Then your'e done. I am just not sure on how to do this in java since I don't how it can get a value like x=y+3 for the first equation. Besides this issue that I am having trouble with, I was planning on using the for statement with increments of the unknown variable that I am solving for inorder to find the value of my unknown variable. Does anyone have any advise.

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