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Thread: Remotely connecting to SQL Server 2005 error

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    Aug 2007

    Question Remotely connecting to SQL Server 2005 error

    Hi guys,

    Any one is there to help me?

    I have problem remotely connecting SQL 2005 thru my VB Aplication.

    I have set it to allow remote connections and use TCP IP and have opened TCP port 1500 on the Windows XP firewall using the SQL Sever on Port UDP 1433. Also the Server Browser service is running. The server is connected directly to the internet on a static IP (eg. IP XX.X.X.XX)

    When I try to connect to the database on another computer it fails. it says Error Msg: "Network Interface Error: Provider not installed"

    OpenConn = Ado_Open(MSSQL2005ConnString("XX.X.X.XX,1500\MSSQLServer", "myData", "", "", "DBMSSOCN"))

    But SQL Server 2005 intaled computer is connecting through above connection string my software is working properly but same software is showing same massage when i am triying with another computer in same Lan Network:

    Help me please.


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    Sterling Heights, Michigan
    Then there is something that is installed on your computer that is not installed on the other computer.

    Check to make sure the both are configured the same and have the same DSNs installed.

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    Aug 2007
    Hi Hack,

    I am not using "DNS" my connection as above direct to server.

    Actual error is: "Provider cannot be found: it may not properly instaled" it was something like some file are not installed. I need to know wich file?

    Next thing is I am not able to connect from remote computer do yoy know any good "tested" connection code?

    Please help me I am realy in very big headache.


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